Marine One Anti-Missile Countermeasures


Marine One Anti-Missile Countermeasures

Irfrared countermeasures (IRCM) for presidential aircraft were installed in the mid 1980s as infrared-guided, heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles became widespread. Three models of presidential helicopters show such IRCM devices: the two workhorses in regular use, the VH-3D Sea King and the newer VH-60D Blackhawk. The VH-3D has a pair of IRCM devices at the bottom, the VH-60D has IRCM devices at top and bottom. A third helicopter sometimes used, the VH-1N Iroquois, has a single device at the top. These appear to be AN/ALQ-144A units.

Photos and renderings of the new presidential helicopter under development, termed VH-71, are not clear about IRCM devices.



Sanders AN/ALQ-144 Infrared Countermeasures Set. Mounted above the tailpipe of an AH-1S Cobra attack helicopter, this ALQ-144 radiates modulated infrared light to jam the seekers of optically guided SAMs and AAMs. This compact 1200W DC/12.7 kg jammer is optimised for low/slow tactical aircraft with over 1300 sets installed on AH-1, AH-64, UH-1 and UH-60 helicopters. Note that this particular Cobra lacks the scabbed on optical detectors of the AVR-2 Laser Warning Receiver which is integrated with the AH-1's internal APR-39 Radar Warning Receiver.

hmx1-1984-01VH-3D Sea King 1984

hmx1-1991-02VH-3D Sea King 1991

hmx1-1997-01VH-3D Sea King 1997

hmx1-2003-03VH-3D Sea King 2003

hmx1-2003-04VH-3D Sea King 2003

hmx1-2005-01VH-3D Sea King 2005

hmx1-1991-01VH-60D Blackhawk 1991

hmx1-1992-01VH-60D Blackhawk 1992

hmx1-1992-01VH-60D Blackhawk 1992

hmx1-2003-01VH-60D Blackhawk 2003 (bottom devices hidden)

hmx1-2003-02VH-60D Blackhawk 2003 (bottom device hidden)

hmx1-1988-01VH-1A Iroquois 1988

hmx1-1988-02VH-1A Iroquois 1988

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